Published Specifications

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In our comprehensive database, you will find a list of published deliverables arranged in Releases from 5 to 1, outlining: 

  • Technical specifications 
  • Technical reports 
  • Active work items. 

The following table lists the main features included in oneM2M technical specifications for each major release. Documentation for each of the releases can be found via the links provided in or below the table.

All documents are free to download, you have any questions about the deliverables, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rel-5 Features (planned)

AI enablement | IPE-based Device Management with FlexContainers | SDT4.0 and the information models (enhancement) | Smart City and Enterprise domain enablement (enhancement)

See specifications

Rel-4 Features

Fog/Edge Computing: Service Provisioning / Service Pooling, etc. | 3GPP Interworking: Session QoS / V2X / NIDD Enhancements / Charging | Vehicular Centric Features: Mobility, low latency, … | Semantic Reasoning & Ontology Mapping | Service/User Subscription | Security Enhancements: User/Data Privacy, etc. | W3C WoT Interworking | SDT4.0 and the information models for multiple domains | Streamlining oneM2M protocol | oneM2M Conformance Tests

See specifications

Rel-3 Features

Semantic Querying/Mashups | 3GPP SCEF Interworking: Non-IP Data Delivery / UE Reachability Monitoring / Device Triggering / Etc. | Transaction Management | Service Layer Routing | Common oneM2M Interworking Framework: OCF, OPC UA, OSGi, Modbus | oneM2M Conformance Tests and Profiles | Security Enhancements: Distributed Authorization, etc. | Ontology-based Interworking

See specifications

Rel-2 Features

Time Series Data | Flexible resources that can be customized by app developers | Semantics Description & Discovery | Security Enhancements: Dynamic Authorization / Content Security / E2E Security | WebSocket Binding | Ontology for Home Area Information Model | oneM2M App-ID Registry | oneM2M Interworking: LWM2M / AllJoyn / 3GPP Triggering

See specifications

Rel-1 Features

Registration | Discovery | Security | Group Mgmt. | Data Mgmt. & Repository | Subscription & Notification | Device Management | Communication Mgmt. | Service Charging | Network Service Exposure | App & Service Mgmt. | HTTP/CoAP/MQTT Bindings

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