oneM2M Ends 2022 on a High in Korea

oneM2M’s 57th Technical Plenary (TP) involved a week-long gathering of oneM2M members at TTA Global IoT Testing & Certification Center at Pangyo. Sixty members representing thirteen countries participated in oneM2M’s standardization discussion activities over the course of this TP.

TP57 coincided with several other market development and promotional activities.


International Hackathon Awards

The week began with an awards ceremony to announce the results of an 8-week international hackathon involving 12 university teams across the world. The Director General of Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT, Mr. Jeongsam Kim congratulated this year’s participants who continue a tradition that dates to the first, oneM2M International Hackathon of 2021.

Judges awarded the first prize to team Blossom from Korea for their fire evacuation solution. Over the coming weeks, oneM2M will publish additional information covering the awards ceremony, winners in other evaluation categories and, links to their solutions.


oneM2M Technical Excellence Awards

During the mid-week plenary, the Chair of oneM2M’s TP, Roland Hechwartner, announced the results of oneM2M’s Technical Excellence Awards. This is an annual event where members nominate candidates for evaluation by a oneM2M leadership panel. This year’s awardees include:

  • Dale Seed of Convida Wireless for his many outstanding technical contributions, for representing oneM2M at industry events for several years and, for his leading role to develop and publish the Sustainability whitepapers,
  • Cyrille Bareau of Orange received his award for outstanding contributions to the interworking proxy entity (IPE) based device management capability and his continued commitment to clarify the existing device management specifications.
  • Interoperability testing is a critical part of standardization and solution hardening. Keebum Kim of TTA received his award for his continued contribution to and support of oneM2M’s interoperability testing and his leading role in establishing and supporting the oneM2M certification program.
  • Ken Figueredo of More-with-Mobile received his award for constantly bringing oneM2M's achievement in IoT technology to the public eye and for making complex technical issues approachable and easy to understand for the non-technical public.
  • Finally, Andreas Kraft of Deutsche Telekom received his award for his consistent efforts bringing in technical contributions and development of educational resources that developers can use to learn about and conduct hands-on experiments with an IoT platform based on oneM2M’s core capabilities


oneM2M’s First Conference

The week closed with oneM2M’s first Conference entitled, "The Journey to Massive IoT through Interoperable and Open Standards.” The conference illustrated the technical and innovation potential of oneM2M based open-standard, scalable and interoperable IoT systems. Presenters shared their experiences of developing oneM2M based solutions, devices, and platforms. These included implementations from India, Europe, and Korea.

A common thread to emerge from these presentations was the ability for solution providers to start with a small set of oneM2M’s service-enabler capabilities. It is straightforward to add other capabilities from the oneM2M toolkit as use-case requirements evolve.

Finally, certification is a crucial element of the standardization process. The session on certification which revisited oneM2M’s journey to establish a global certification scheme. It included a description of the role of various players and was very well received.