33rd meeting of the oneM2M Special Working Group (WG10011)

Type: oneM2M Meeting

Date and Time

Tuesday 7 February 2023


Professor JaeSeung Song of Sejong University Chaired the 33rd regular meeting of the oneM2M Special Working Group(WG10011) on February 7, 2023 in TTA's Pangyo Conference Room. Participants included members from Sejong University, KETI, Hansong University, Sync Techno, and TTA, as well as the secretariat, Michael Kim from TTA.

The meeting agenda covered the target and schedule consultation for TTA's transposition of oneM2M Release 4. participants also reviewed the draft certification of a oneM2M member company’s subscription and made necessary amendments to the language.

There was also a discussion of major initiatives and plans for 2023, including the joint organization of the oneM2M Workshop and International Hackathon in May or June, the creation of the oneM2M Handbook, and updates to the Namu Wiki and Korean wikipedia. Finally, the discussion also encompassed joint resolution issues for Technical Plenary #58.