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Standards for M2M and the Internet of Things

TR-0057 Data Collection Principles - ACP

Access Control Policy

  • Access Control Policies (ACPs) are used by the CSE to control access to the resources.

  • The resources are always linked to Access Control Policies. ACPs are shared between several resources

  • Access Control Policies contain the rules (Privileges) defining:

    • WHO can access the Resource (e.g. Identifiers of authorized AE/CSE).

    • For WHAT operation (CREATE / RETRIEVE / UPDATE / DELETE…).

    • Under WHICH contextual circumstances (Time, Location, IP address).

  • ACPs are represented by <accessControlPolicy> resources.

    • Comprised of attributes privileges and selfPrivileges that represent a set of access control rules for entities.


<accessControlPolicy> resource content:




  • acr = « Access Control Rule »

  • acor = « Access Control Originators »

  • acop = « Access Control Operations »


Operation Code

Combinations of these values are specified by adding them together. For example the value 5 is interpreted as "CREATE and UPDATE".

  • CREATE 1


  • UPDATE 4

  • DELETE 8

  • NOTIFY 16




acp example


  • Common attribute accessControlPolicyIDs link resources that are not <accessControlPolicy> resources to <accessControlPolicy> resources.

    • All resources are accessible only if the privileges from the ACP grants it.

    • All resources have an associated accessControlPolicyIDs attribute, either explicitly or implicitly.

    ACP verificationDiscovery example
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