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TR-0057 API Introduction

API Introduction

The oneM2M REST APIs are used to manipulate data generated by the Application Entity (AE) to the oneM2M Service platform (CSE) as well as data retrieve services. The oneM2M REST APIs are developed for handling CRUD+N (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete and Notification) operations for oneM2M resources specified in oneM2M standards.

The oneM2M API includes the following components:

  • Primitives.
  • Resources + Attributes.
  • Data Types.
  • Protocol Bindings .
  • Procedures (CRUD+N).


The oneM2M API is used by CSEs and AEs to communicate with one another. The communication can be originated from an AE or CSE depending on the operation.

Communication is done via the exchange of oneM2M primitives across the oneM2M defined reference points (Mca/Mcc/Mcc’).

Primitives are used to perform CRUD+N operations on resources hosted by CSEs or to send notifications to AEs. Each CRUD+N operation is comprised of a pair of Request and Response primitives.

Access and manipulation of the resources is subject to access control privileges.

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