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TR-0037 Use Case

This user guide demonstrates how to implement a smart farm control use case that deploys different sensors to collect environment measurement data, and actuators to trigger some kind of IoT services by remotely human intervention using IoT applications. All devices involved in the smart farm control scenario leverage oneM2M common services functionalities.

The smart farm control use case is designed to implement functions as following:

  • Remote environment measurement monitoring and remote actuators controlling using IoT applications by applying MQTT subscription and notification mechanism.

  • Registration of sensors, actuators, and farm gateway application into the farm gateway as well as the farm gateway and IoT applications into a cloud server.

  • Discovery of oneM2M resources representing sensors and actuators in farm gateway using IoT applications.


An overview of the smart farm control use case is depicted in figure below where compound sensors with sensing data of temperature, humidity and CO2, illumination sensors, soil moisture and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) sensors as well as actuators used to trigger machines deployed in the farm such as fans, air conditioner, sprinkler, roof cover controller and irrigation and nutrient management system etc.

Those deployed sensors and actuators are connected to a farm gateway which is capable to communicate with a oneM2M cloud server. In addition, IoT applications that interface directly with the cloud server are responsible for monitoring crops growing environment and controlling farm machines remotely. A farm gateway application is responsible for communication with the farm gateway. The subscription and notification mechnisms are applied to implement the remote farm monitoring and controlling services.

Use Case

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