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TR-0035 DM over the service layer


oneM2M uses <mgmtObj> resource for device management. For device management over the service layer, the <mgmtObj> that is used for the management of the managed entity is located at different places in case of the characteristic of the managed entity. In either of the case, there exists one driver or client on the managed entity that observes the update of the <mgmtObj> resource to perform management operation.

For ASN, MN and IN which has CSE, the <mgmtObj> is hosted on the corresponding ASN-CSE, MN-CSE and IN‑CSE as child resource of the <node> resource that represents the ASN, MN and IN. The managed entity observes the <mgmtObj> directly to perform the management operation.

For ADN, the <mgmtObj> resource is hosted on the registrar CSE of the ADN-AE as child resource of the <node> resource that represents the ADN. The ADN-AE in this case should subscribe the <mgmtObj> resources under the corresponding <node> resource to receive notifications on any update of the <mgmtObj> resource. The ADN which is the managed entity in this case further perform the management operation based on the notifications received.

For NoDN, the <mgmtObj> resource is hosted on the CSE which is NoDN is connected to. As NoDN is not an oneM2M defined entity, the connection between NoDN and the CSE is out of scope of oneM2M and is implementation specific. In this case, the <mgmtObj> resource on the CSE under the corresponding <node> resource should be monitored to determine if any management operation need to be performed. This part is implementation specific and is out of scope of oneM2M as well.



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