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TR-0034 Use Case

The described use case enables the temperature monitoring function as well as related remote control of actuators via a smartphone or smart tab which embeds an application that gains access to a oneM2M service platform.

An overview of the use case is shown in figure below. The main components include:

  • The temperature sensors and actuators are deployed in any place as needed, and connected to a gateway.
  • The gateway connected with cloud or a remote server via the necessary communication technologies allowing the temperature sensors and actuators to be managed remotely.
  • The cloud or remote server provides a set of services to enable the smartphone to manage the temperature sensors and actuators such as collecting the data of sensors, and switching the actuators on/off, etc.
  • The smartphone (or a smart tab) hosts an application to manage the temperature sensors and actuators. The application should support some functions such as discovery the deployed devices, retrieve the data of sensors, and send control commands to actuators. For example, if the data of the temperature sensor indicates the possibility of fire disaster, then the actuator can be triggered to provide water spray or fire alarm.


Use Case

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