XML Schemas

Some oneM2M specifications have XML schemas associated with them. These are available as file attachments to the published files, packaged into the zip file for download, and listed here also.

For convenience, we also make the .xsd schema files individually available for download at www.onem2m.org/xml/protocols.

Note that the XSD files included in the January 2015 edition of oneM2M Release 1 employ long names for primitive parameters and other XML elements and attributes. However primitive serialization is required to use the corresponding short names, as defined clause 8.2 of TS-0004.


SpecificationXML fileVersionRelease
TS-0004 XSDbundle-v1_0_0.zip 1.0.0 Release 1
TS-0004 XSDbundle-v1_6_0.zip 1.6.0 Release 1
TS-0004 XSDbundle-v2_7_0.zip 2.7.0 Release 2
TS-0006 TR069_Model.zip 1.2.0 Release 1
TS-0006 TR069_Model.zip 2.0.1 Release 2
TS-0023 XSDbundle-v2_0_0.zip 2.0.0 Release 2