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Standards for M2M and the Internet of Things

Latest Draft Specifications

The latest draft specifications are available for oneM2M Release 2 Technical Specifications, updates to oneM2M Release 1 Technical Specifications, and Technical Reports. These documents are provided for information only. They are likely to receive significant changes before final publication.

Please consult our Published Specifications page to find the latest published versions of oneM2M specifications.

Draft Release 2 Technical Specifications

TS-0008 CoAP Protocol Binding 1.4.0 290.5 KB 30/08/2016
TS-0014 LWM2M Interworking 0.14.2 601.18 KB 23/08/2016
TS-0016 Secure Environment Abstraction Popular 0.3.0 435.25 KB 03/12/2015
TS-0017 Implementation Conformance Statements Popular 0.0.4 88.13 KB 14/01/2016
TS-0018 Test Suite Structure & Test Purposes 0.1.1 945 KB 18/07/2016
TS-0019 Abstract Test Suite & iXIT Popular 0.1.0 763 KB 08/04/2016
TS-0022 Field Device Configuration Popular 0.5.1 1.42 MB 08/08/2016
TS-0025 Definition of Product Profiles 0.0.1 104.5 KB 29/07/2016


Updated Draft Release 1 Technical Specifications

The following updates of the published Release 1 specifications have approved change requests applied to them. 

TS-0001 Functional Architecture Popular 1.13.6 10.23 MB 07/07/2016
TS-0004 Service Layer Protocol Popular 1.8.0 5.9 MB 06/06/2016
TS-0008 CoAP Protocol Binding 1.4.0 306 KB 28/07/2016
TS-0009 HTTP Protocol Binding 1.7.0 344.72 KB 01/07/2016
TS-0011 Common Terminology Popular 1.3.0 299 KB 18/05/2015
TS-0013 Interoperability Testing Popular 1.1.1 3.19 MB 25/04/2016


Draft Technical Reports


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