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TIA oneM2M Webcast | Real World Deployments of the oneM2M Standard

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Wednesday 10 May 2017, 11:00 - 12:00


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As a partner in the oneM2M global IoT standards development Partnership, TIA supports its deployment around the world. oneM2M is designed as an architecture and standards platform for IoT deployments in many industry sectors including Smart Cities, Industrial Automation, Home Automation and eHealth and Telemedicine, among others.
Now in its second published release, it is being tested for resilience as an IoT standard in a number of projects. This webcast will focus on:

  • 3 projects such as Korean Smart Cities(Busan, Ilsan) and Wise-IoT which is the Joint European-Korean project. The oneM2M standard deployment is being used for smart applications in parking, streetlights, store management, building energy management, maritime safety and missing child prevention.
  • In England, U.K.’s oneTRANSPORT intelligent system trial which serves four U.K. counties. This trial involves England’s highways transportation agency and two private sector sensor-network owners over a single, interoperable IoT platform powered by the oneM2M™ standard.
  • Overview of oneM2M certification(including background of the need for oneM2M certification program)
  • Introduction of Certified Product(Target service and use cases are included per each company)
  • An update from the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) on its IoT-enabled Smart City Framework and smart city collaboration with oneM2M.

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