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oneM2M Industry Day


Intercontinental Shenzhen China
9009 Shennan Road, Overseas Chinese Town
(86)(755) 33993388

Date and Time

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Wednesday 24 May 2017, 09:00 - 17:00


First oneM2M Industry day to be held on Wednesday 24 May during TP29 in Shenzhen, China.

 Starting with its upcoming TP#29 meeting in Shenzhen, China, the Technical Plenary of oneM2M is introducing an “Industry Day” as a new feature to its regular full-week Technical Plenary meetings. This day is meant to provide an opportunity for oneM2M experts and all other stakeholders and verticals in the M2M / IoT industry to share information, ideas, and requirements in a complementary manner addressing the following areas:
• Information about oneM2M: What oneM2M is, its technology capabilities, its role in the IoT ecosystem, examples of implementations, lessons learned, problems to address, plans for further developments, pilots, etc.
• Information about other technologies in the M2M/IoT space which are complementary to oneM2M: Network technologies capable of transporting oneM2M messages, technologies for interworking with oneM2M for specific industry segments or vertical markets, services that would benefit from usage of oneM2M as a platform, etc.
• Information about deployments and needs in the industry: Real-world implementations in different vertical domains, technical requirements and pain-points of the industry, descriptions of how oneM2M can address them
The format of the “Industry Day” will include an introduction to oneM2M, presentations on selected topics, panel discussions and opportunities for demos. For each upcoming oneM2M Technical Plenary meeting, a program committee appointed by the TP leadership will prepare the program for the “Industry Day” and make the agenda available ahead of the meeting. The “Industry Day” is scheduled for Wednesdays of the regular oneM2M Technical Plenary meeting weeks and is open (based on invitations) to non-member companies, research entities, government officials, regulators, other SDOs, etc .

Presentations can be found here




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