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oneM2M prepares for August 2014 release

Berlin, Germany: 11 April, 2014 ‐ oneM2M, the Global Partnership developing standards for Machine‐to‐Machine (M2M) communications enabling large‐scale implementation of the Internet‐of‐Things (IoT), confirmed plans at its 10th Technical Plenary meeting to release its initial specifications in August 2014. The 10th Plenary was held from 07 to 11 April 2014, hosted by and located at the Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute in the historic Charlottenburg district of Berlin, Germany.

Once approved, the initial release package of specifications will become available for publication by the oneM2M partner standards organizations, including: ARIB (Japan), ATIS (America), CCSA (China), ETSI (Europe), TIA (America), TTA (Korea), and TTC (Japan).  Additional partners contributing to the oneM2M work include:  the BBF (Broadband Forum), Continua Health Alliance, HGI (Home Gateway Initiative), and the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance).  

At this week’s meeting, M2M‐related presentations were received from ESMIG (European Smart Metering Industry Group), the IP500® Alliance (for building automation), and the IERC (Internet of Things European Research Cluster). oneM2M will continue discussion with these organizations on future cooperation. Specific activities from oneM2M Working Groups at the 10th Plenary included:  

  • The oneM2M Architecture WG is now preparing the Architecture Technical Specification for final approval, after content was frozen at the last Plenary, to provide a service layer which enables services and system interoperability as the basis for the initial release, as well as an extensible foundation for further releases.
  • The Protocols Working Group specifies the communication methods between oneM2M service entities, and oneM2M‐specific bindings for CoAP, HTTP, and MQTT protocol implementations are being developed. The primary focus of the next Plenary meeting will be on these protocols aspects of oneM2M systems.
  • The Security Working Group is enabling a flexible trust architecture well‐aligned to the current public and regulatory interest in user privacy and system security and resilience.  The oneM2M platform will include security services (Authentication, Authorization, Confidentiality and integrity) supporting diverse M2M ecosystems.   
  • The Management, Abstraction & Semantics Working Group is working on the management aspects for the oneM2M platform, as well as several capabilities for M2M device management including the device management protocols from oneM2M partner organizations OMA and the BBF.  Abstraction & Semantics are necessary to provide broad support for a variety of IoT or M2M implementations.
  • The Requirements Working Group is assessing alignment to the agreed initial requirements set, and is receiving new input for additional M2M use cases, including support for industry‐specific applications.   

oneM2M actively encourages industry associations and forums with specific application requirements to participate in oneM2M, in order to ensure that the solutions developed support their specific needs.  

The next oneM2M Technical Plenary will be hosted by the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) from 9 to 13 June 2014, in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, P.R. China.

For more information, including how to participate in oneM2M, see:  

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